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Nepal is a land locked country. It is known all over the world for its unique natural and cultural heritage. But, the present growing environmental problems have caused negative impacts on Nepal's natural resources, public health, agriculture and economy, especially upon the people living in the Hilly and Himalayan regions of Nepal. The lives of people in these regions are adversely affected through random deforestation, destruction of natural resources and uncontrolled and excessive consumption of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Consequently, livelihood means have narrowed down and deteriorated standard of living.
T-HELP Nepal stands for Trans-Himalayan Environment and Livelihoods Programs, Nepal: extending beyond and across the Northern belt that encompasses Sikkim, Bhutan, Ladhakh and Tibet, which share similar environment and cultures. T-HELP Nepal is an association of like minded people who believe in doing something positive that can bring changes in attitude and life style of people living in the Himalayan and hilly regions.

T-HELP Nepal (the head quarters is based in Kathmandu Metropolitan city) aims to aware the Himalayan and rural communities (especially women, indigenous people and poor and backward communities), by building and implementing income generating programs through appropriate conservation and management programs and also promote sustainable tourism.